Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review


Watching the past Star Wars movies definitely made me question if I was emotionally prepared to go see the newest movie. From being teased for liking Jar Jar Binks from my brother, watching Anakin go to the dark side, Padme dying, and so much more.

Because we were seeing the movie in 3D IMAX we received a small free poster which is actually cool. Here is a Picture of it:




Summary of Movie:

Force Awakens starts out with Poe being handed a map of where Luke is, which everyone is looking for this one piece. Then one of our favorite droids enter the tent alarming Poe of the upcoming attack and that little droid is named BB-8. A fight breaks out between stormtroopers and citizens who are trying to protect their planet. This is the point you mean the villain of the movie and that is; Kylo Ren (son of Han Solo and Leia). Taking in Poe to question about the map he orders the storm troopers to execute the citizens who are huddled into a corner.

BB-8 eventually finds a girl named Rey who is waiting for her family to return after being dropped off on planet Jakku. Forming a bond, Rey takes him home and assured him they would find his master, Poe.

Later, a stormtrooper, FN-2817,  helps Poe escape from Kylo Ren which Poe then gives him the name Finn. After crashing on Planet Jakku he walks for miles trying to find civilization. Eventually Kylo Ren and his Stormtroopers arrive to try and take BB-8 and the girl which Finn saves/ Rey and Finn run into the Millennium Falcon which has been sitting at Jakku for sale.

Eventually they run into Han and Chewie which they are taken to another planet, Takodana. Rey hears a cry and upon investigating she is hit with visions of fighting with Kylo Ren, turns out the Lightsaber was Luke’s.

After another battle, Finn finally meets back up with Poe who is a pilot and asks if they can go save Rey from Kylo.

After a long battle in air and also by foot, Kylo Ren kills Han Solo and pursues a battle with Rey and Finn. Protecting Rey he fights with the lightsaber which he ends up getting badly injured. Rey gets up and learns she has the force and attacks Kylo. The Republic wins the battle and return back to base. Finn was still breathing. Rey and Chewie head out in the falcon in search for Luke. At the end he takes off his hood and turns around to face Rey.


I would give this movie 4.9/5 stars.

As good as this movie was, some of my favorite characters didn’t have big parts such as C3P0 and especially R2D2.

I really loved the relationship Finn and Poe had in this movie. Even though they didn’t have many scenes I loved them together. Another thing I loved was how Finn put a sort of goofy twist to it.

Another thing, why did they decide to make C3PO arm red? It distracted me in every scene he was in.

Overall, this was a FANTASTIC movie and this makes me really excited for Star Wars Land!


I am extremely curious on who Rey’s dad is.

My theory is she is Luke’s kid and Obi-Wan is her great grandfather. How? Obi has a daughter which Luke met and they had a kid named Rey.

What is your theory of Rey’s parents? Comment below and let me know!





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