Jungle Book Review

Today, I headed to my local movie theatre to see one of my favorite Disney Movies – The Jungle Book. I heard many great things about the The Jungle Book before seeing it which made me excited for it! For watching the movie you should also receive a free Jungle Book Poster as well!



This movie is one of the best live action/CGI movies I have ever seen! The CGI is amazing in this movie and they had a amazing group of voice actors for the animals! My favorite being Baloo voiced by Bill Murray. Another great voice actor was Scarlett Johannason who voiced Kaa, the hypnotizing python. I really recommend this movie to everyone, it was amazing!


The movie starts out with Mowgli running through the jungle with wolves from a creature (Bagheera) chasing them. Mowgli falls behind and is captured by Bagheera who is teaching the wolves and man cub. Once the dry season began a truce developed in the jungle that no animal is to be eaten at the watering hole. The animals gathered there when the bully of the jungle, Shere Khan, shows up warning everyone of the man cub. Because of the truce, Shere Khan couldn’t kill Mowgli, but he warned that once the rock is covered with water the man cub will be killed. Mowgli over heard the tribe wanting to kick him out but instead he decided to leave the tribe to keep them from getting hurt, so Bagheera decides to take him to man.

Almost being killed by Shere Khan he meets up with a hypnotizing snake, Kaa. Almost killing him, Baloo saves Mowgli taking him to his cave. In order to pay back Baloo, Mowgli must gather honey for him from this cliff in which they become friends. Bagherra catches up with them and tells Mowgli they are leaving first thing in the morning.

Mowgli ends up saving a baby elephant and getting kidnapped by monkeys. He meets King Louie who ends up wrecking his temple by trying to catch Mowgli.

Wanting revenge, Mowgli gets a torch to take on Shere Khan which leads to almost the whole forest burning down. Shere Khan is defeated and Mowgli is reunited with the wolves.


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