Animal Kingdom Lodge Review

On our last night at Walt Disney World and Birthday Present my parents surprised me with a night stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Savannah View.

Driving through the entrance was kind of torture for me because all I wanted to do was see the animals from the balcony in our room.

Once we got through the security check in the front we drove through the long driveway past the Jambo House to Kidani Village to check into our room.

The main thing that caught my attention was everywhere I looked I saw a animal somewhere whether it was a zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and much more. It was truly amazing and probably one of the top moments from that trip.

Walking into the lobby and seeing the huge window in the back and a giraffe walking made me more anxious to get to the room to see our view. I waited anxiously for my mom to check into the resort which seemed to take hours. Once we had our room me and my brother walked to the room for what seemed like a mile.

The green light flashed alerting me to open the African themed door. I quickly opened the door and I was completely in awe. Seeing the giraffes and zebras just walking around from our room made me so happy I honestly didn’t want to go to Magic Kingdom later that day for Extra Magic Hours.

Before heading to the balcony to watch the animals I checked out the bathroom, bed and mini kitchen area.

The bathroom was amazing. The toilet was in a separate room from the shower and sink area which is really great when you are with four people.

The bed was really tall and extremely comfortable at least for me. The sofa we has pulled out to a sofa bed which I also found to be comfortable.

The mini kitchen area was also a favorite. You had a mini fridge, coffee pot, microwave and sink all in one area and they also supplied paper towels and paper plates!

Finally, I headed to the balcony. It was amazing! I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures and video clips of all the animals wondering around in the Savannah. I was literally in awe. That was when I decided to do a bold task… sleep on the balcony.

After spending our final hours of park time at Magic Kingdom, I grabbed my camera and headed to the balcony. My brother pulled out the sofa bed allowing me to use the sofa cushions as a bed. I grabbed a blanket, wrapped up and laid there waiting for any movements. Even though I couldn’t really see anything I did see little movements throughout the night. Eventually at 3:00am I feel asleep. I was hoping to record a sunrise loop but of course as soon as the sun came up I wanted more sleep and pretty much crawled into the room forgetting about the loop. Oops.

Overall I really loved this resort and recommend it to anyone. This resort is pricey but to me it is worth it. I really loved this resort and probably spent 95% of my time at the resort on the balcony. I even met a friend… Kevin the ostrich. Miss you Kevin!


:Toilet Room Sit Down Area TV/Storage Area Bed Area with Sofa Walking in Door  Shower Curtain Shower Detail Shower  Front DoorMini Kitchen



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