Top 5 favorite Disney Park Sounds

Spending a majority of my days listening to Disney Park Sounds has become a daily habit. Making Ears? Listening to Disney Sounds. School Work? Listening to Disney Sounds. It has become a part of my life which is why I am sharing my top 5 favorite Disney Sounds.

5.) Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade

Being little I never gave that much attention to this parade, but my family would also and also like to hit as many rides since most guests were watching the parade. Recently discovering this sound has changed my life. Every morning I am listening to this song to wake me up quicker.

4.) Fantasmic

The greatest show in Hollywood Studios, the greatest sound in Hollywood Studios. The soundtrack to Fantasmic is really amazing and is a really good sound to make anyone excited for their next trip.

3.) Kilimanjaro Safari Radio

Ever since I was little I always loved Kilimanjaro Safari and 15 years later I still love it and even the sounds of it.

2.) Dream Along with Mickey

Retired but the music of Dream Along lives on in my brain. I was never a fan of the actual show but loved the audio that played with the show. Roadtrips= Dream Along with Mickey playing at least once.

1.) Wishes

THE BEST FIREWORK SHOW EVER AND SOUNDTRACK. Definitely puts you into the feel zone when listening to this music.


Chloe Frazier

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