Being a manager/owner of two different Disney Fact accounts, I read multiple Disney facts a day. By multiple I mean probably a good 25-50 different facts a day!

Today, I decided to write about my top 10 favorite Walt Disney World Facts!

1.) The Walt Disney World Costume Department has over 1.2 million pieces of clothing making it the largest wardrobe department in the world.

2.) Every year over 3 million flowering plants are planted at Walt Disney World. The horticulture staff maintains over 2 million shrubs, 13,000 roses and over 200 topiaries.

3.) Over 10 million hamburgers, 7 million hot dogs and 9 million pounds of french fries are consumed in Disney World every year.

4.) Disney World encompasses over 50 square miles.

5.) Hollywood Studios was originally built as a working studio, not a theme park.

6.) Guests in Walt Disney World are never more than 30 steps away from a trash can.

7.) More than 50 million cokes are consumed each year at Disney Parks.

8.) The fastest ride at Disney World is Test Track which reaches speeds of 65 mph.

9.) Disney has grown over 500 oak trees from acorns of the Liberty Oak found in Liberty Square.

10.) More than 1.6 million turkey legs are consumed at the parks every year.

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