The details of New Orleans Square

Walking into New Orleans Square at Disneyland I was really surprised at the amount of detail put into that area from the street signs, decorations, and even buildings. BUT there was one detail that caught my eye and it was the spikes that were on top of the poles. (As pictured below.) Now you may be thinking what is so big about spikes on poles, it is just decorations. Not many know the darker reason why there is spikes on these poles.


These spikes were actually used to protect their daughters from boys or unwanted suitors. When the boys would slide down the poles with spikes it would grab in between their legs and pretty much rip. Many guys have died sliding down the poles from these hooks and many people reported seeing ghosts sliding down the poles.


I was told this story on a Haunted tour around New Orleans. This tour took me throughout New Orleans where many ghost sights have been reported and one of the buildings this tour showed was Madame Lalaurie house which was featured in one of the seasons for American Horror Stories



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