Coronado Springs Resort Review

At the last minute, my parents and I, decided to take a quick trip to Walt Disney World. Not having many options Рmost resorts were booked Рwe chose the Coronado Springs Resort. We never stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort but I have heard many  good but also bad things about it. We arrived to the Resort at around 2am and were greeted fairly quickly by a cast member ready to help us out.

The checking in process was fairly quick. We usually have to wait a few hours for our room, but I guess since it was in middle of the night they had it ready for us.

Walking into the room we noticed the rooms were on the smaller side but nothing that was inconvenient. The actual bathroom was about the size of the French Quarter Resort bathrooms, the only thing different was that there was only one sink.

The mattresses were soft that when you would lay in them you would sink in them.

Overall the room is your typical Disney room. It resembles the French Quarter Resort rooms just a different theme.

When we woke up we did explore the environment and buildings of the resort, since we never stayed here before. Being a fan of the Spanish themes I fell in love with all of the buildings that surrounded the resort area. One thing I loved was the hammocks on the beaches that overlooked the giant lake in the middle of the resort.

From what I have seen and done in the resort has been good so far. The only thing I would say that isn’t so great is all the walking you may have to do to get to the lobby but it is nothing unbearable.

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