My experience staying at a Disney Resort during Hurricane Matthew

In middle of our 10 hour drive to Disney, we found out that Hurricane Matthew had a possibility of hitting Florida. Even though we knew this, we continued driving thinking it was not going to affect the Disney Parks.

As we watched more and more of the news we sort of began worrying a lot more, but we had the thought process that Disney would probably be the safest place for us until it passed.

On Thursday, I headed out to Magic Kingdom and was shocked when I heard over the speaker, Magic Kingdom will be closing down at 5 and will stay closed until Saturday morning. My family eventually met up with me at the park which was awesome because they bought ponchos. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain as much as I thought it would in the morning but towards closing time it began storming.


When we got back to our room at Coronado Springs, we noticed housekeeping left a few flashlights on the dresser – incase the power was to go out.


We also received a message on the hotel phone that all services was suspended for Friday; housekeeping, room service, gift shop.

My dad and I decided to head to the food court incase the power was to go out and the food court would not open the next morning, and that is when we saw the biggest line we experienced that trip.

img_5966 img_6032 img_5971

Once we got past the first part of the line we saw this sign:


About halfway through the line, or about an hour we noticed characters started coming out and playing with the kids who were waiting in line or eating. I only got a picture of eyesore but Minnie and Tigger were both there.


After waiting two hours in the food court line I quickly went check the gift shop to see if they had any water/snacks and it was pretty much empty except for a few water bottles, sweets, marshmallows, a cup, and alcohol.

img_5964 img_5965



Waking up the next morning I didn’t see much damage to the Resort, but I did not walk around the entire thing either. The gift shop and food court did open in the morning and I believe characters were there to have meet and greets and such.


Even though I was kind of bummed out about Disney not opening the parks on Friday and canceling the Halloween parties, the cast members that was there made it pretty awesome. Dealing with many angry guests (I witnessed a few), these cast members did an AMAZING job at keeping people entertained with what they could and taking care of guests as best as they could. I was honestly really shocked when the characters began walking around and hanging out with guests.


Chloe Frazier

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