REVIEW: Disney’s Polynesian Resort

This past week we had the chance of staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort for the first time… in forever?(Frozen jokes). Never staying at Polynesian, but almost eating at Ohana’s every trip we were familiar with the area but nothing past the lobby/main area.

When we checked in the cast member surprised us with Theme Park view, which honestly was the best thing ever. Walking into our room in the Tuvalu house we saw the boats you can rent to go fishing, the big pool that honestly looked really fun.

The first thing you saw walking into the room was the big Cinderella Castle outside of your window, even though they had the big marsh in the way it was still nice!  Immediately I opened the door only to find out one side was broken? or maybe it isn’t supposed to open. It looked like the lock was broken off or something. The mattresses were really comfortable, but the best part was laying down and watching the fireworks from the castle. Quick question: Is there a special firework show for the cast member party? The bathroom was really unexpected. I thought it was going to be your typical toilet and shower in a separate room but it was like a real bathroom. I liked how the counters stretched from wall to wall to give you extra counter space. The one thing I would have to say was sort of bad about the room was it had low ceilings. I would raise my hands and my hands would easily punch the roof. My dad who is over 6 foot said the same thing.

I would highly recommend this resort to anyone that is looking to stay at a Deluxe Resort. The theming, atmosphere, background music, and just in general resort was awesome. Plus you are right next to Ohana’s right?

Have you stayed at Polynesian? Would you recommend this resort? Comment below and let me know!


Chloe Frazier

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