Be Our Guest Review

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Be Our Guest is a restaurant inspired after Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Movie. Having three rooms inspired after the Grand Ballroom¬†scene, The Castle’s Gallery, and the West Wing, this elegant restaurant will make you feel as if you were actually in the movie.

Ever since Be Our Guest opened we would try EVERY SINGLE TRIP to get a reservation. Maybe we were going at busy times? We did later find out that their was a website buying a whole bunch of reservations and selling them to people online, crazy right? We had a quick trip in June, which I was doing my dining reservation checking and a Be Our Guest reservation popped up. I booked it as quick as possible even if it was at 10:15 pm.

We checked in and was quickly greeted by a cast member holding the Lumiere light – which someone from the party could hold. Walking into the restaurant, I was AMAZED by the theming. I don’t know if it was the years of waiting to get a reservation or if it was really as magical as I remember but it became my new favorite restaurant based on theming. I probably spent more time walking around the restaurant then actually sitting down with my family.

The service was great, everything was quick, and the waiter was always checking to make sure everything was okay. Me, my friend, and my dad ordered the steak with the fries.

The steak was cooked PERFECTLY! The food was great and here came time for dessert and yes I did choose the Grey stuff, because I heard it was delicious. Everyone was right, it was really delicious.

I didn’t meet the Beast, but it was cool watching the Beast come out every 15-30 minutes and do like a walkthrough to his meet and greet area.

Overall I HIGHLY recommend dinner at Be Our Guest if you can book it. Never tried the lunch and breakfast but dinner is definitely a must do at least once.


Chloe Frazier

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