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This week on TheDisneyTeen.com our theme will be… Tom Sawyer Island!

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Funny Memory:

One memory I have at Tom Sawyer Island is watching people running into one another in the dark caves or watching people trip on Barrel Bridge. Don’t worry I am one of those people…



Tom Sawyer Island in Walt Disney World is located in Frontierland around Thunder Mountain Railroad. Walking through Liberty Square you will most likely see an island located in middle of Rivers of Americas. If you were to head down the pathway and over the bridge in Frontierland, then you will eventually reach the entrance.

To get to Tom Sawyer Island you need to first board a floatable log boat! Once you depart from the dock you will sail across the “Rivers of America” and eventually reach the island. You may notice that they have many activities you can do there, such as:

  • Harper’s Mill
    • Here you will see a giant waterwheel on the outside of the building. This is a homage to one of Disney’s earliest animated films, The Old Mill.
  • Injun Joe’s Cave
    • This is probably one of the best parts of this island, but can get dangerous. You will enter a completely dark, tight cave that is lined with rocky walls. You may also encounter strange fossils and stalagmites that mingle with a haunted pit.
  • Fort Langhorn
    • Based off of an early frontier settlement, you can explore a blacksmith shop, watch tower, stables, and an escape tunnel.
  • Potter’s Mill
    • Here you will cross a crooked bridge to this wooden mill that will bring you to an awesome view of the Rivers of America and Frontierland.

Those are a few places you will get to experience by going to this island. Of course they offer many other options, such as a building where you can see Thunder Mountain railroad through the window available. Which may or may not be a good place to shoot a few pictures!



Tom Sawyer Island opened in the Magic Kingdom on May 20th, 1973 (May 20th is my birthday haha). Most of the Tom Sawyer Island in Florida is based off of the one in Disneyland.


Before going on this island make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. It is like taking a hike at some points.

Watch where you are going at all times especially in the caves, they are pitch black.


Tom Sawyer Island is honestly really cool! It makes me feel like I am going on an adventure and would recommend it to anyone going to Disney World!


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