DISCUSSION: Are the Disney Parks really Haunted?

Since the beginning of the year, I have been having Disney discussions on one of my Disney Instagram pages. After a lot of thought I decided I wanted to move the discussions to TheDisneyTeen.com in hopes of getting a few more people involved. So with that being said, todays Disney Discussion will be… Are the Disney Parks Really Haunted?

Searching Youtube or even the internet you will see a few articles and videos popping up with the story of Disneyland ghosts, some even claiming to have proof of the ghosts. I will tell a few tales of the ghost stories I have found throughout the internet, if they have “video proof” then I will show it.

Story #1.)

Walt Disney haunts Disneyland.

Most Disney Fans know that Walt Disney had an apartment over the Fire Station on Main Street, and you may also know that the light in the window is never turned off because it stands as a tribute to Walt. Before the tradition of leaving the light on started, a cast member turned off the light and left the room, but when she returned the light turned on again. She then said that she heard a voice say “I am still here.”

Story #2.)

The Little Boy who haunts Haunted Mansion.

Rumor has it that years ago, a woman asked Disney if she can spread her 7 year old sons ashes in the Haunted Mansion since it was his favorite ride, but Disney of course said no. So the woman at some point went on the ride and spread the ashes out anyway. CNN did intact report that the family of a 7 year old boy did indeed dump his ashes into Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

People have reported seeing a little kid running round the ballroom scene, but when security would go look they would not find anything. Another report is people have reported seeing a little boy standing alone at the exit and crying, some have even reported asking the little boy if he needed help but he acted like they weren’t there.

According to ghostnghouls.com they mentioned these stories to his friend, who was a Haunted Mansion Cast Member, and he confirmed this event had actually happened to him.

Late at night, Cast Members will often run one stretch room because of it getting less crowded. This means that the cast member at load will be alone between the groups of guest. the Cast Member heard a child laughing, thinking it was the next group of guest  coming in, she waited but no one was came. Then, she saw something move at the corner of the eye, when she looked over no one was there. She kept seeing something move from the corner of her eye when she finally felt a cold chill and someone putting their hand on her shoulder. She screamed and ran out telling management she would never go back to work in the Haunted Mansion again. 

Story #3:

Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost – George

In the 70s when Pirates of the Caribbean was being built, a Disney Imagineer (Cast Member) named George was welding when he died. As years go by the stories change such as he was crushed, to falling off one of the props in the burning scene.

Cast Members have reported seeing a apparition on ride monitors, they also heard mysterious footsteps and calls from the control room when no one is in there. Cast Members also tell George good morning and goodnight when opening and closing the attraction. Apparently if they don’t tell him good morning the attraction will experience breakdowns that day, and if they don’t tell him goodnight they will return to parts of the attractions being turned on.

This was a picture posted by a online fourmer by the name of marlyng who reported it was the ghost of George.

What is your opinion on this? Do you think the Disney Parks are haunted?


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  • January 21, 2017 at 8:58 AM

    I think with a place as big as the disney parks, there ought to be a few gost around. And i mean who wouldnt want to be at a disney park everyday for free?!


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