A few people – from my Instagram accounts – have asked me to document my moving experience, some were interested in moving and wanted to know my experience where as some were just curious about it.

We officially sold our house in New Orleans on Tuesday, March 15th. I was ecstatic to finally embark on this new adventure that I have been waiting on for years, but with the happiness I was feeling there was also a little bit of sadness. You may be thinking “Why are you sad? You are moving right next to Magic Kingdom?” which you are right I am TREMENDOUSLY grateful and excited for the move, but all of my family and friends are in Louisiana. I will admit the minute I heard we were moving, I ordered boxes and had my room packed the next day not realizing we had to sell our house before we moved.

Finally after being on the market for about two months we finally got a offer put on the house. Luckily, the offer came in when we planned a Disney trip which allowed us to start looking for houses. We looked at about 5-6 houses when we finally found “the one”.

Once we got back from the house hunting / Disney vacation, we began packing.

Let me just say this here moving is NOT easy. Cardboard boxes are EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Remember that book you wanted to read? Oh wait you can’t because it is packed away. This probably happened to me numerous times.

Once the storage containers started coming in and we started loading up all the boxes, all of us were snapping at one another from being tired and just trying to organize everything to fit inside the moving containers. Eventually when everything was packed and moved into the containers all of our stress level began lowering.

Saying “Goodbye” to the house was kind of easy for me as I was finally pursuing a new adventure I have been waiting for. The thing that wasn’t easy to say goodbye to was my family.

The 10 hour drive was the longest thing in the world. I don’t know if it was because we were pulling a trailer behind us or if it was because we stopped to sleep for the night, which we normally don’t do.

We got to the apartment which at first I was nervous for, but the apartment is great! I can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks directly from my bed. We have about two more weeks in the apartment until we can move into our new house about 3-5 minutes (depending on traffic) from Magic Kingdom.




Chloe Frazier

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