My thoughts on Happily Ever After!

After watching the Wishes finale I started feeling really anxious about Happily Ever After. One part of me was feeling negative towards it and the other part was excited to see something new, especially after seeing the test fireworks from my house. Here are some of the pictures I took of them: (This was my first attempt at firework pictures)

Starting the Day Out:

We had a lunch reservation at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary Resort for 12:45, which would allow us to take the monorail to Magic Kingdom after. Once we got to Magic Kingdom at 2:00pm we started camping out behind the partners statue in the 90+ degree weather. Crazy, right? Not really considering there was a family who was camping out since 9:45am. As the day went on, more and more people started camping out.

When the show began, it started out with the “Happily Ever After” song and a huge castle projection on the map. The whole show had different projections and bigger fireworks – in my opinion – than Wishes. I watched a few videos of it on YouTube, and honestly the videos did not capture a lot of the projections and fireworks that well. Happily Ever After will definitely have to be seen in person in order to experience what it really is like. Plus, Tinkerbell still flies!

Thoughts on the show?

I thought the show was AMAZING! I loved how they included Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, a clip from the Tarzan movie, Mulan, and much more! Although, I wonder if the reason they are including some of these movies clips are because they are creating Live Action versions of those movies eventually. At times I did feel like to much was going on between the projections and the fireworks, but overall it is a lot better than Wishes. Although Wishes will be missed, I really feel like Happily Ever After did live up to the hype it had brought. I could honestly watch the show over and over again and not get tired of it.

Was it emotional like Wishes?

One of the questions many people asked me was “Was Happily Ever After emotional like Wishes?”

For me it was emotional because it brought the message of chasing your dreams and finding your Happily Ever After. Compared to Wishes, I think Tinkerbell flew at the perfect time in Happily Ever After.

Do you recommend the show?

If you are going to Disney World, even if it is just for one day I highly recommend going see it. I was really shocked and amazed when watching the new firework show! This show is one of those things where the cameras do not pick up every single detail of the show.


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