The FIRST and OLDEST Flying Tinkbell

History about Tiny Kline:
Tiny Kline (Helen Deutsch) was a Hungarian born circus performer who was known for her acrobatic tricks and “iron jaw act”. At the age of 14, Tiny Kline came to America and joined a vaudeville act instead of becoming a seamstress. While working there she met her husband, who did a equestrian circus act. After he passed away from performing a trick, Tiny Kline took over his act. After a while she developed her own acts, and was popular for her acrobatics and “The iron jaw” act or as she called it “the slide of death”. The iron jaw act (slide of death) was where she was suspended onto a long glide wire (zip line) and held on to it by her mouth. Video:

How she got involved with Disney:
Tiny Kline retired from Sarasota, FL and moved to Southern California in hopes of finding a job. Walt’s team recruited her to fly at the Hollywood Bowl as Tinkerbell during a concert Walt organized in 1958 called the “Disneyland sponsors Disney Night at the Hollywood Bowl”.

In 1961, when Disneyland added a Tinkerbell in their nightly firework show they turned to Tiny Kline (71 years old) to perform as Tinkerbell for them. Tiny Kline agreed and continued performing every night as Tinkerbell for them until she retired in 1964. She was later set to return to Disneyland, but unfortunately passed away from stomach cancer before she could return.

Images of Tiny Kline:


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