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Hello! My name is Kacey and I run the account @thedisneyadventurer. I’m 13 years old. On my account I post photos of various things around Disneyland. I go every year for my birthday and I hope to go more when I’m older.

My favorite memory from a Disney park was in Disney World. My family moved there for my dad’s job when I was three. We only lived there for a little less than a year but we went to Disney World almost every day. I sometimes skipped my preschool  class to go. One memory of going to Disney World really stands out from the rest. It was a fourth birthday and I really wanted to try out the new Bippidi Bobbid Boutique. When I went in my new Ariel dress, I remember feeling like a true princess. I don’t remember every detail of the night but I know there was a feeling of true magic. The women that did my makeup and hair was so sweet and knew how to talk to me and make me feel special. She put jewels on my face and even did my nails. She slicked back my hair into a bun and put hair extensions with pink Mickey Mouse heads in it. When I was done she put glitter all over me and showed me how I looked. I remember feeling so happy to see myself in the mirror and see a beautiful princess looking back. In preschool, I was such an outsider with the other kids there, but here I felt like I belonged. After my “fairy godmother” said goodbye to me, my family and I headed outside for some pictures of us. It definitely was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had…
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Chloe Frazier

My name is Chloe, and I will be posting about anything that has to do with Disney World whether it is Reviews, Histories, Tips, and so much more! One thing my mom and I do is sell Disney crafts! Check us out on Etsy at FloofyArts! If you have any questions about planning your next Disney trip or about the blog, email me at Have a magical day!

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