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Hey guys! My name is Czarina, I have recently started an Disney account called Disney_ears because I’m crazy obsessed with Disney. My whole room is Disney. My school had a Disney spirt day and a lot of people started calling it Czarina day. I make Minnie Mouse ears and sell them on Etsy. One of my favorite things to do is plan Disney trips! I also really love photography so most of pictures are from Disneyland and all the Disney trips I have taken. I really hope you guys can relate to how much I love Disney, if so feel free to talk to me about it!


One of my favorite Disney memories is when I went on a Disney Cruise! My family is a big fan of Disney and Disney Cruise Line. We have only been on a Disney Cruise twice, but this last trip was truly one of my favorite memories. If you guys are unfamiliar with Disney Cruise Line, it is a fantastic cruise that is fun for everyone! Disney Cruise Line has four different ships and each one has many different features! On the ship are different pools, restaurants, activities, and clubs! My last trip was in October, and in October one holiday is just around the corner…Halloween! This is Halloween… This is Halloween…

Here comes my favorite Disney memory that left spooked and excited!  One of the best parts of going on a Disney trip is the planning! It helps build your knowledge, excitement, and anticipation for the trip! I memorized where everything was on the ship, how to get everywhere and what I was going to do. The trip was a year away, but it moved along…eventually.

We had to fly from Arizona to Florida the night before (long flight.) I had ordered customized family Disney Cruise shirts for all of us (we were not the only family who does it!). That morning was a blur up until the point I got into the Uber car that was taking us to the port. Then everything had become vivid. I was going on a Disney Cruise! All the planning and preparing I did was no longer things I want to do but things I am just a car ride away from doing. Arriving at the port with a gigantic ship just the surreal experience I always hoped of having.

The whole trip was amazing all the places we stopped at were beautiful! If you don’t already know Castaway Cay is Disney’s private island that you can only get to by ship. It was one of my favorite places and I highly recommend you go if you can. We rented one of their private cabanas and it was truly an unbelievable experience! Disney goes above and beyond on everything they do!

The entire ship had so many fun activities. I did Disney trivia, shuffle board, teen clubs (I made so many friends there,) restaurants, shows, it all just blew me away. The pools are really great too! One of my favorite restaurants there was Animators Palate. The whole places starts is black and white pictures of different movies and drawings on the walls but as your dinner goes on the whole place turns to color! Many of the Disney Cruise Line dining is spectacular but this was something that really blew me away! You don’t always have to have a sit down breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at a Disney restaurant. What I mainly did was when we were just sailing that day and not getting off the boat, me and my brother would leave our parents and go grab pizza, play in the arcade, swim, and just have a fun time on our own.

Halloween on the High Seas was one of my favorite nights! There was trick or treating, storytelling, parties, it was amazing! Everyone was dressed up on the ship. I was Minnie Mouse and my younger brother was Woody from Toy Story, which was perfect because that night the Broadway show they were doing was Toy Story Musical. The whole ship is decorated with Halloween decals and there was lots of Halloween parties. That night was one of my favorite memories.

Eventually it did come to an end, but with my love of photography I can still experience it all over again. If you do want to go on a Disney Cruise, or are already planning on going, talk to me… I can give you some great pointers

It really was a great trip and I hope you guys will be able to experience it if you haven’t already. I’m always open for chats, and you can talk to me on Disney_ears. Talk soon to ya’ soon…

Czarina 1


Here is one of the windows on the ship.

Czarina 2

This is Disney’s private island Castaway Cay.


Chloe Frazier

My name is Chloe, and I will be posting about anything that has to do with Disney World whether it is Reviews, Histories, Tips, and so much more! One thing my mom and I do is sell Disney crafts! Check us out on Etsy at FloofyArts! If you have any questions about planning your next Disney trip or about the blog, email me at disneyworldsounds@gmail.com. Have a magical day!

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