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Hey there! My name is Kassandra and I recently turned 18 and yet I am still in love with Disney. I live in Southern California and I am an annual passholder. I go to Disneyland about once a week when I am not busy, if not more, because it relaxes me from stress of the outside world.

My best Disney experience by far was this year  was on May 22-23 when it was the 24 hour Disney. This event has been going on for the past 4 years and specially this year being the 60th anniversary. It was an awesome experience due to the fact that I got to spend it with my best friends from school. Most of us have passes except one of us but I am glad she got to come this day with us. So from the beginning we knew it was going to be crowded so we went to line up at 1 am in the morning. We were so tired because we had a school banquet the day before and we were only running on 3 hours of sleep.Finally at 6 AM they opened the doors to the park and I’ve go to tell you it was beautiful!

During the day we were really excited and happy. One of our funniest moments was when we were on the star tours ride and my friend accidently broke the 3D glasses. We were making fun of her so much. My other friend Diana almost ran over by a trolley for looking up at the wait times for a ride. Don’t worry she’s alive thanks to us.Everything was going so well but when once the sun went down, our energy declined drastically. Our feet were hurting so bad so we decided to sit and wait at the California Adventures Animation Academy. Our time there was great because we got to rest and at the same time to draw Disney characters. I’ve just got to say who knew drawing Olaf at 4 in the morning would be so fun. We were so happy and tired that we laughed at our drawing so much!

We went on every ride at least twice and met so many characters and watched every show and parade just because we had so much time. Also the fun part was watching my friends fall asleep in any bench they could find. Now those pictures are to keep forever. Personally my favorite part was the new parade Paint The Night.The lights are amazing and the music just made me cry because it was so beautiful and it captures the whole Disney magic.

Overall, the 24 hour disney was a memorable day. I am glad my friends and I got to go to this fabulous event because it brought us closer and got to enjoy a wonderful full 24 hours at disney. I recommend going to the next 24 hour event party but be prepared to be exhausted by the end of this trip, but at the end I will be worth it.

Thanks for reading this post love you all!

Kassandra Munoz


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