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This place means the world to me and it is part of my life, and that is Disneyland! In June I was very lucky and went there with my dad. We are annual pass holders at the park, but one of the days we were there my pass wasn’t working so we purchased a day ticket. I’m so happy we did because if you look at the picture it was so cute! It was there 60th anniversary and it was so beautiful! My dad and I love disneyland, so does my whole family but we were so excited! It was truly the best trip ever! We went on so many rides and went to different performances like Mickey and the magical map! That was an amazing show and I recommend if you are at Disneyland and there is a showing to go to it! It’s right next to the Toontown train station. The show included a lot of disney movie songs and of course they were in a live performance! While I was at Disneyland there was one item in specific that I really wanted to buy. I have always wanted to own a Disney Dooney and Bourke wristlet or bag but I have never been able to do it because I knew that most likely on my next trip they would be there. So when I saw that they were making a 60th anniversary collection I knew this was the time to get them! Thankfully I got my wristlet! I was very lucky because it was the last wristlet in the park!  I took a lot of pictures and thought this post would be mainly pictures. I also have videos of the Parade, World of Color and the fireworks. I hope you guys like seeing all of the Disney magic! I have a lot of fun Disney posts I want to do so keep an eye out on that!

Ada Rachel

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