John M. – Disney World Memory

I waited outside in the holding area for stitch’s great escape. ( right where the big metal doors are) it was sweltering but the fans blasted cool air. Then the cm said the safety instructions, and the grand metal doors to the galactic¬† federation prisoner transport bay. (Pre show room 1) the galactic anthem started to play, and in the corner of my eye I saw a large family of 10 or more marching in a group. It made multiple people laugh, and I even laughed too. They were marching crazily bumping into each other and marching out of tune too.
The family eventually stopped when there was no more room to breathe, and the Pre show video started. The Pre show video stopped and the anthem started to play again. The family started right back up until they got into the second Pre show area. Cms inside the second Pre show were starting to laugh. I was dying by now, and most of the other guests were laughing hysterically.
The rest of the ride was now normal now in the second Pre show area,¬† and the ride itself. I then got off the ride, and then walked out of the ” stitch store”. It was an interesting ride, but I loved it!


Chloe Frazier

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