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Meet and greets!

Everyone can get a little nervous when meeting their favourite Disney characters at the parks! It is pretty intense, you’ve fallen in love with these characters during your childhood even the most excited children get star struck in these moments. I’ve seen children at the parks hide behind their parents completely speechless, and when they leave they can’t stop talking about how pretty all the princesses are! Luckily the princesses are pretty good at starting a little conversation (even if you’re too shy to talk!)

So I came up with a few little conversation starters!
If you were to meet one of Disney’s beloved Princesses there’s a ton of things you could say to have a great meet and greet!
• I love your dress!
So simple – and it can lead to so many things you could end up twirling around with Rapunzel or talking about how Cinderella’s little friends helped her make her gown or her fairy godmother!

• what have you been up to?
Now there’s a pretty good chance you will be asked this straight away but if you were to ask Peter Pan/Ariel/Merida etc. this then you could end up talking for hours (of 5 minutes) about Peter’s adventures in neverland, Ariel’s trips under the sea and Merida’s princess lesson (if she ever went to them)

• talk about their film!
This has to be the best thing to say to any character as they are only dying to show their knowledge (plus it’s pretty cool when they end up quoting the film!) it could be as easy as asking Ariel if she’s enjoying her human legs (or her tail) because it’s so easy to start talking about evil sea witches!

• last but not least…bring them gifts!
Disney characters have the best reaction to this! It’s priceless! They love it and you can tell also it’s a very nice thing to do but if you’re not into that bringing your autograph book is great because if they see another autograph (eg. Snow White had seen Cinderella’s autograph) she could tell you about a little adventure they went on!

It’s so simple to have a good character interaction even for some people that might be a little shy these tips are sure to help!
Also when you’re getting your picture and you’re looking for something amazing ask the character of they know any good poses! They have tons!

Thanks for reading!

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I’m Rachel! I run @justdisneypost on Instagram seeing as I live too far away to attend the parks myself I love seeing everyone’s pictures and their character interactions! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris I few times in the past and have recently made an account of my personal pictures from my last visit (@fantxsyland) . I’ve always loved Disney and it has really helped my grow as a person and find myself! I hope to work at Disney world when I’m older to help create some magic ( plus who doesn’t love America!)

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