LostBoyLeague – 10 Tips to be the Perfect Disney Villain

Hello fellow Disney teens! My name is Nico, but you may know me as @LostBoyLeague! On my account, I like to help my followers by giving them tips on how to be whatever they dream of! Whether it be a princess, lost kid, or even a space ranger! However, I have yet to teach people how to be a Disney villain! Therefore, I am here to teach you my top 10 tips to be the perfect Disney Villain!

1) Figure out your sinister style.
Find a look that shows your evilness in a cool way. Try to stay with dark colors. They show how dark your soul/heart is.
2) Choose a statement piece.
Whether it be fiery hair or a large golden shell necklace, make sure it’s screams you! Villainy is all about originality.
3) Hire some henchmen.
Being evil is a lot of work, so you’ll need someone to help you out. Just make sure they know which lever is which. (*cough cough* KRONK *cough*)
4) Plan out some cool entrance sequences.
No cool villain JUST walked in.
5) Choose your weapon wisely.
Try to make it concealed and not easy to notice. Good example: A simple apple. Bad example: A glowing spinning wheel.
6) Gain the hero’s trust.
If they think you can be trusted, it makes the job way easier! Bonus points if they fall in love with you!
7) Use the word “fool” as much as you can.
It’s the most important and only word in the villain vocabulary.
8) Take some singing and dancing lessons.
All villains are expected to do a spectacular musical number!
9) Practice your maniacal laugh.
It’s the true mark of pure evil!
10) Always have a plan B ready.
100% of evil plans never go according to plan, so have your résumé ready!
I hope these tips help all you evil-lovers get one step closer to trying to take over the world! Although it will probably ultimately fail, it never hurts to try! And if you enjoy these tips, follow my account on IG, @LostBoyLeague, for other posts like this! Have a dreadful day, and may you have the worst luck!

Chloe Frazier

My name is Chloe, and I will be posting about anything that has to do with Disney World whether it is Reviews, Histories, Tips, and so much more! One thing my mom and I do is sell Disney crafts! Check us out on Etsy at FloofyArts! If you have any questions about planning your next Disney trip or about the blog, email me at disneyworldsounds@gmail.com. Have a magical day!

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