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Ah, Epcot. Everything about this marvelous park is just perfect. The sweet aroma of flowers dancing through the air, the jaw dropping and amazing ambiance of the World Showcase, even the background music in Future World. It’s all on point. As you can probably tell, Epcot is my favorite park. I’ve made the most significant memories there, had the best times, and I’ve done the best things in Epcot.
The magic begins when you walk through the front gate, and you hear the iconic music. The topiary in the front greets you, and you take a good, hard look at spaceship earth. Continue walking, and you might be lucky enough to score a meet and greet with one of your favorite characters. Some frequents are Daisy Duck, and Stitch, my personal favorite.
Next, you’ll probably take a short and enjoyable ride on Spaceship Earth. (Tip: Spaceship Earth is less busy midday than it is in the morning!). Near the beginning of the ride, be sure to smile for the camera! Your photo will be made into a short animated clip of you and the rider next to you. Then, when you get off of the ride, you’ll be able to send an eCard back home.
Be sure not to skip The Land. Inside is Epcot’s most popular ride, Soarin. If you have a fear of heights, don’t ride! You’ll feel like you are hang-gliding in this magical ride. This attraction is a perfect example of the miracles that Imagineers work each day. Another five star ride in the land is Living with the land. It’s a calm, informative boat ride through a greenhouse where lots of the fresh ingredients in Walt Disney World are grown.
The next place that you will come upon in Epcot is The Seas with Nemo and Friends. This is a great ride for younger kids because it’s slow-moving, calm, and lots of fun. Plus, after the ride ends, you can wander through one of the worlds largest aquariums!
Next stop: the Imagination Pavilion! Outside of this futuristic-shaped building lies an amazing fountain that is a replica of the building itself. (Tip: This is a great photo-op place!). Kids of all ages will have fun trying to catch water in the leap frog fountains as well. In this pavilion lies one of my all time favorite rides: Journey Into Imagination With Figment! In this slow moving ride, you travel along with Figment and his creator, the Dreamfinder. Be prepared for a wild ride! Also nearby is a movie named Captain EO. This show stars the popular icon, Michael Jackson. It first premiered in Walt Disney World around the 1980’s, then took a little break and was brought back again recently. Then again, in April of this year, it was closed down. I’ve heard rumors of it opening up again, but I’m not quite sure if these are true.
Next, you will come upon Mission: Space. This is a guest favorite where you climb aboard a spaceship and head towards Mars! This is personally not my favorite ride because it makes me feel sick every time I ride it. Like Soarin, if you don’t like simulation rides where you feel like your flying or you are aboard an airplane that is falling out of the sky, skip this one.
The next part of Epcot that you will come to is my absolute favorite: The World Showcase! Here you can travel to Mexico, China, Norway, Germany, Morocco, France, Italy, the UK, Canada, Japan, and America. In each pavilion, you can dine, shop, and in some pavilions, even ride a ride! This really gives a chance for everyone to see what it is like in other countries.
When the day is over, you can enjoy one of the most magical firework shows in all of the parks. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is a firework and water show set on Showcase Lagoon. You can see the show from every pavilion, but the best place is at the Rose and Crown Pub in the UK. Ask for a seat with a view of the lagoon if you can, and you’ll have the best seat!
Epcot is goals. To really experience the magic, take a trip to Epcot! I’ve just skimmed the top of what Epcot has to offer, but there is so much more. All of the other parks also have great opportunities and events that go on as well. Epcot will always be my favorite park, no matter what.

Bio- @destination_disneyy aka Grace is the biggest Disney fan ever to walk this planet and also enjoys every kind of food! 🙂


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