Big Thunder Legend

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - 0007
We all know the ride. The ride that is just a step below Space Mountain when it comes to speed, but is still the cause of a few stifled tears during our preadolescent years. It’s Big Thunder Mountain, the ride that nearly became a television show!

What we don’t know about the ride is the legend under the red-rock covered surface. The legend hidden within the walls of the canyon is within each rider’s reach if they take notice of the fast-paced storyline. But, after learning the legend, your opinion on the ride will forever be changed.

To understand the present, you must hear what got the ride to where it is today. The story takes Disneyland guests back to the late 1800s in a world of mining, cowboys, and big belt buckles. Gold was found to be hidden all over Big Thunder Mountain in the town of Thunder Mesa. Once again—because America has always been known to take land from Natives—settlers crossed into Native American territory, unleashing a curse upon them!
The curse unleashed on the settlers, transforming the booming town into a ghost town. Note to self, never mess with Pocahontas! And without a further ado, the town was obligated of all traces of the settlers, but the eeriness of the town still was there.

Decades had passed when tourists stumbled upon the historical site, but found that the mine trains were still — years later — going on as if no one had left the town! Sounds like a few hitchhiking ghosts found their way into Frontierland, am I right?

All of that leads back to today, in which tourists (like me) are still riding on the historical, cursed land’s trains. But the question still remains, how long until the curse is unleashed again on the land? And when it does happen, will you be on that trip?

Costa B Pappas

Costa B Pappas

Costa B. Pappas is a teenage writer and photographer from Southern California. Having published his first novel, "Disney Pros: Unite" in 2015, he is currently working on the spin-off. When not writing he enjoys spending times with his friends and family at the beach and Disneyland. You can contact Costa through his email

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