What can teenagers do in Epcot?

Continuation of: What can teenagers do in Magic Kingdom?

A lot of things I hear when talking about Disney to my friends is things like: “Disney is for kids.” And “What can teenagers even do at Disney?” So, with that I want to talk about things teenagers can do when at Disney World!


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  • World Showcase
    • Phineas and Ferb Adventure around the showcase! I still miss Kim Possible, but it is fun to play!
    • Try to eat a snack or a drink from each country and experience the culture!
      • Mexico – Play with the puppets on one of the side booths, try on the hats, and/or ride the ride inside the Mexican Pavilion
      • Norway – Since Frozen is coming in Norway there is not much to do, but they do have a good quick service/snack called “Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe.” Now, it may surprise you what they have on the menu, but ever since we ate there in 2012 we must eat there at least once every trip.
      • China – What is cool about China, is that there is a 360 degree Circle-Vision Film called “Reflections of China.”
      • Africa – Even though it is a small area, it is actually pretty fun! They have instruments that anyone can go beat on. My personal favorite is the drums.
      • Germany – Caution when entering this zone. There is Chocolate and Caramel sweets located at “Karamelle-Kuche.”
      • Italy – If you are looking for a place to eat lunch/dinner then I recommend Via Napoli. At Via Napoli they have open pizza overs where you can see them make the pizza and cook them! Also for you photographers, Spaceship Earth is across the way from Italy!
      • United States – Home to the best funnel cakes. When at this pavilion I recommend going watch the Voices of Liberty/American Adventure. Watching the Voices of Liberty honestly give me goosebumps, they are AMAZING and worth a watch. American Adventure is also a great History Lesson in which I can thank this movie for helping with good grades on a few of my test.
      • Japan – Looking for new jewelry? Head towards the back and they usually have a Cast Member there who will make pearl jewelry. Usually 20.00 to pick a pearl, the price can add up as you choose different settings for the jewelry. Also, you can usually color a fan in the back, it is usually of Duffy!
      • Morocco – Tangierine Café has awesome Mediterranean desserts, but if you are looking for salads then they have those too.
      • France – If one of your favorite movies is Ratouille then they have a restaurant that will sometimes let you meet the chef! Also if you are looking for something sweet and small then they make some of the best pastries in Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie.
      • United Kingdom – (Shoutout to Flyingwithpixiedust) Here you can eat Fish and Chips, which since I don’t like seafood I can’t tell you a review. Sorry, but I am sure it is great! Tip: If you are watching Illumination this is an awesome place.
      • Canada – You can go watch an 360 degree Circle – Vision movie here and also ONE of the best restaurants, but can get expensive is Le Cellier.
  • Watch Illuminations!

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  • Future World:
    • Ride Spaceship Earth so you can build your future!
      • Also, at the end of the attraction they have many games that are fun to play! Try those out!
    • Go to Innoventions and build your own rollercoaster in The Sum of all Thrills.
    • Mission Space!
    • Test Track
      • You get to build a car and can also play in an interactive area after the ride!
    • Soarin! It usually has a long wait so you might want to get a fast pass.
    • Honestly, the Behind the Seeds tour for Living with the Land is definitely an interesting experience and I highly recommend it for everyone.
    • Club Cool – This place is AWESOME! You can try cokes from around the world!
    • Also the gift shop has a good candy selection… Just going to put that out there.

Honestly, Epcot is probably my favorite park and is also very interesting! I highly recommend going here especially if you are a teenager/adult!

You know how easy it was to read this? Thank the Phoenicians because they invented the alphabet.


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    AH YES! I always remember that the Phoenicians created the alphabet after my last trip to Epcot!


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