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Back in 1978, WED finalized plans for a Life and health pavilion. The pavilion was minorly similar to its final incarnation, the wonders of life pavilion, which didn’t open until 1989.



The original concept for the life and health pavilion was ambitious and challenging. You enter the circular building onto a carnival styled “Midway of life,” Which was surrounded by many attractions and shows…

A show called Good health Habits would be a “three-part animatronic fable” centered around teaching guests (in that charming Disney way) about how your decisions affect your own health. It would have been housed in a carousel of progress type revolving theater.



Next a waiting area led into two shows. Firstly Head Trip, a show with animatronics for the emotion, intellect, and the nervous systems, in a “humorously explaining the data handling and communication capabilities in all of us”.

And Tooth Follies, a musical show about the mouth and teeth. There would also be a Sensory maze, much like the Sensory funhouse in the Wonders of life Pavilion. And lastly a show called The Joy Of Life, Which I assume would’ve been similar to The Making Of Me. And the centerpiece of the pavilion would have been a slow moving dark ride through the human body called the incredible journey within! Boarding white blood cells you traveled through massive detailed and scientifically accurate sets of the human body’s different organs and systems.

So what made this pavilion screech to a halt? It was the exact reasons why we didn’t get a space pavilion. As planning continued no sponsor was yet signed on, which led to the pavilion getting shelved. There were also many technological roadblocks. The omnimover ride was to feature full sized moving organs, which needed to function all day long, 7 days a week. This lead to the death of the Life and health pavilion, until it was finally revived by Met life in the late 90s…



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