What can teenagers do in Hollywood Studios?

A lot of things I hear when talking about Disney to my friends is things like: “Disney is for kids.” And “What can teenagers even do at Disney?” So, with that I want to talk about things teenagers can do when at Disney World!

Hollywood Studios

With all the Updates and new Lands coming to Hollywood Studios, it is a pretty empty park, but there is still some stuff to do!

  • You have your Rollercoasters which are Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Rollercoaster!
    • These are extremely fun to go on! Also, this is the reason why I am an Aerosmith fan!
  • Fantasmic!
    • Usually played at the end of the day, this ride is honestly the best show in the parks in my opinion. The music and message is awesome and is a must do for everyone going to Hollywood Studios.
  • Great Movie Ride
    • Yes it may be boring to some people, but you have to admit it is an awesome show. They have live actors that make the show awesome!
      • Fun game to play – try to guess if you are in the mafia or cowboy scene!
    • Toy Story Mania
      • Go along and meet some of your friends and play some awesome interactive games!
    • Lights! Motors! Action!
      • An awesome show to witness especially if you love Action movies and cars!
    • Star Tours
      • One of my brother’s favorites, this ride should take you on different mission each time you go on it!

Chloe Frazier

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