What can teenagers do in Animal Kingdom!

A lot of things I hear when talking about Disney to my friends is things like: “Disney is for kids.” And “What can teenagers even do at Disney?” So, with that I want to talk about things teenagers can do when at Disney World!

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Animal Kingdom

I know of a lot of people who go to Disney World and would always skip Animal Kingdom because “they have nothing there.”

Well, Animal Kingdom has always been one of my favorite parks and honestly has a lot of things teenagers can do!

  1. Walk around the park! It sounds boring but honestly it is like going on a nature hike. The sounds and plants just make you so relaxed!
  2. Go ride Expedition Everest! For some reason every trip we go on Mountain Everest start off busy but after lunch it is 15-30 minute wait.
  3. Kali River Rapids! I recommend riding this ride before you leave the park because you get soaked!
  4. Kilimanjaro Safari! This ride never disappoints me! I love watching and looking at all the animals especially the lions! Also, if you are lucky you might have an animal that is in middle of the street or close by the car for awesome pictures!2015 646
  5. Head to Dinosaur! This ride definitely will wake you up during the day.
  6. Festival of the Lion King is a must do in my opinion when at Animal Kingdom. The singers and performers are awesome and very entertaining.2015 552
  7. Maharajah Jungle Trek is also a good hiking sort of experience! Here you can visit Tigers, Fruit Bats, Dozens of bird species, and a flying fox.
  8. Pangani Forest Exploration Trail which will lead you to a tropical rainforest with gorillas, hippos, and exotic birds.
  9. Wild Africa Trek! You are pretty much going on Kilimanjaro Safari but you can see the animals closer, and get to ride another car which should make you feel as if you are actually on a safari!


Of course there is more you can do in Animal Kingdom, but these are just some of the ones I like to do or have heard of people doing and they loved their experience!

Thank you for reading!


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