Magic Kingdom: Through The Looking Glass

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Magic Kingdom: Through The Looking Glass.

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic.”
How true this quote rings when it comes to a Walt Disney World experience. Whether it’s a smile from a Cast Member, or a wave from Mickey Mouse – when it comes to magic, Disney does it best.

“Here, you leave today, and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.”
From the moment you step off the monorail or bus, you have left the world you know behind, and have come to the gateway of Make-believe and Magic. When you first step onto Main Street, a feeling of happiness & excitement is in the air! As Cinderella’s castle comes into view, as the show “Dream Along With Mickey” hits the stage, dreams start coming true.
From there you can start living the dreams you had as a child – in Tomorrowland you can become a Space Ranger and help Buzz Lightyear defeat the evil Emperor Zerg – you can become an Astronaut and take on Space Mountain! Have you always wanted to be a race car driver? Your wish is my command (as Genie would say) at the Indy Speedway!
In Fantasyland you can go under the sea with Ariel, see an elephant fly, walk through an enchanted mirror and hear a beloved tale told by Belle. You want to fly? Peter Pan will show you how! If you ever wanted to explore a Haunted Mansion, then Liberty Square is your place. Take a plunge into a briar patch while trying to escape a hungry fox and bear, or catch a ghost train! But be sure to hang onto your hats ’cause that there is the wildest ride in the wilderness! Is the princess thing not really for you? Then hop on over to Adventureland and become a pirate with Captain Jack Sparrow and take on the Caribbean. But remember, dead man tell no tales! If you’ve had enough swashbuckling for one day, you can take a ride on a magic carpet to the market place in Agrabah. Be sure to tell Aladdin and Jasmine hello while you’re there!
As you see, the possibilities are endless, all you have to decide is “Who do I want to be today?”


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