How to DOWNLOAD & EDIT Disney Park Audio

After being asked many times about what apps I use and/or how do I get the sounds, I have decided to make a post explaining how I edit the videos and download the sounds!

***Note*** the video demonstrating how I edit the videos and such is blurry but still viewable!

Steps on How to get the sounds:

  1. First thing you want to do is open two tabs, one with YouTube and the other:
  2. Next, find an audio or video that you want to store on your phone, it can be Magic Kingdom Loop, Tomorrowland, anything that you want.
  3. Copy the link from the YouTube video and then enter it into the Media bar into ClipConverter
  4. Convert the file to an MP3 file, and then click download.
  5. When the audio converts and you click download, you will be redirected to a page which you will just exit that tab.
  6. Finally once the audio downloaded it should open into iTunes!

Here is a video to show you:


How I edit my videos for Instagram

I pretty much use PicPlayPost and Vont from the app store!


  1. Find a picture and copy a fact about the topic you want to make a sound about.
  2. Head to PicPlayPost and insert the picture and audio!
    1. Crop the audio to the piece you want!
  3. Render the video and then head to Vont!
    1. Find a font
    2. Copy the fact onto the picture
    3. Insert the title
    4. Shadow it, change the color, do whatever you want to improve the text.
  4. Save the video
  5. Post to Instagram!

Check out the video below! Yes it is blurry.


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