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Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World is located near Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter resort. Ever since we got our dogs we have been taking them to the Disney kennels! They really love it there especially when we take them out to the dog park where they have two bone shape dog pools and a cool water fountain that I would even like to play in!

Best Friends Pet Care has many different rooms available for your pets! Such as:

  • Indoor-Outdoor 2-Room Suites – $48 Standard/ $44 Resort Guest/ $38 Daycare
    • climate controlled indoor bedroom with a pet cot and a outdoor patio which is protected from the elements
    • Bedrooms are 4’ x 4’  and  3’ x 4’. All bedrooms have a minimum of 3 feet of clearance. Patios are 3’ x 8’   and  4’ x  8’.
    • All indoor-outdoor suites include one potty walk with our staff per day.
  • All Indoor Suites – $41 Standard/ $39 Resort Guest/ $34 Daycare*
    • Climate-controlled suites are up to 32 square feet.
    • Provide a cot for your dog
    • unlimited access to the patio area, except during cleaning
    • Suite sizes are 4’ x 7’  and 4’ x  8’.
    • All rooms have 3 feet of clearance.
    • Our all-indoor suites include two potty walks with a staff member each day.
  • Vacation Villas – $72 Standard/ $66 Resort Guest/ $72 Daycare
    • Two room villas
    • 8ft x 9ft (72 sq ft) tiled bedroom, with a raised platform bed and doggy-eye-level flat panel TV
    • private outdoor 4ft x 7ft (28 sq ft) relief patio
    • 1 Potty Walk, 1 Playgroup Session and Turn-Down Service each day.
  • VIP Luxury Suites – $89 Standard/ $81 Resort Guest/ $89 Daycare
    • 226 sq ft super luxury suites.
    • 16ft x 9ft bedroom, with paw print floors and tile walls, glass doors, a raised platform bed and flat panel television, programmed for your pet’s entertainment.
    • covered outdoor play yard, where pets can enjoy private play time with their family, or with their personal “pet concierge”.
    • 2 Potty Walks, 2 Playgroup sessions and Bed Time Story each day, all overseen by a personal “pet concierge”.
    • If you are staying 3 days minimum then you can also enjoy a “Go Home Fresh” bath.

They do have options for cats, but since I don’t have a cat I don’t know how it works! Best Friends also takes any type of pocket pet, but they can not be venomous.

If you are curious about anything involving your dog make sure to check out their website:  or you can call them at: (407) 203-9887.

Another cool things is that at the end of each stay they will give you your dogs report card! They will also have their picture shown on the above screen!

We have been going to Best Friends since they day they have opened and have not been disappointed once! They treat the dogs awesome and always give them as much love as possible!

Before Best Friends came to be, Disney had many other kennels your pet can go to! We would usually choose Fort Wilderness Kennel, but they had one trip they were booked so we went to the kennel in Animal Kingdom. When at the kennel they had a security code lock and while we were waiting for my dad to leave, the room went into lock mode and he couldn’t leave. My two dogs are barking and freaking out in their kennel, and the lady is calling security. When the security guards walked in he said “Maggie, Lilly hush up it is me.” I don’t know if I should feel honored or scared that a Disney security guard knows their names.


If you have any questions about taking your pets to Best Friends then comment below and I will be happy to answer!



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