Flash Mountain

Splash Mountain, an epic attraction found inside Disneyland, is known for its jaw-dropping drops, exhilarating plunges, and heart pounding end.

The classic ride acquired the nickname, “Flash Mountain” due to the number of people who feel the need to flash the camera at the end of the ride. The camera ultimately sends the pictures to a television screen at the exit of the ride, and if you wish to, then you can buy the picture. (Who wouldn’t want a printed picture of them flashing a camera? Perfect to show Grandma). Witnessing the horror of people flashing the camera at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney censors most of the…unflattering photographs of park guests. Yet, some of these…unflattering pictures find themselves on the television screen.

My friend, Matthew, brought along his friend, Ethan, for the Disneyland trip over winter break three years ago. I tagged along with the duo, not wanting to miss out on giving a “Disney Pro” tour to Ethan.

Without wasting any time waste time, Matthew, Ryan (my sister), Ethan, and I raced through the practically empty park to Critter Country. Being one of the few people in The Happiest Place on Earth at the time, the line was at 0 minutes. Incredible!
Entering our log in the front seat was Ethan, who was for sure going to get soaked in the front seat. Ryan, my little sister who was eight at the time, sat two seats behind him. Behind her was me, and follow behind in the very back was Matthew. Matthew was NOT in the mood to be soaked at a quarter to twelve on an icy cold night.

Going on the ride three times in a row without having to leave our log, or getting wet, I wanted to go on about ten more times. But, Matthew was still deathly afraid of getting touched by the water, even though his hotel was literally two minutes away. Deciding to make the last trip worthwhile, I planned on being a “Flasher”. I had joined the dark side…

As the ride went on, we went down several little drops that we had gone on plenty of times, but going up the final hill, I felt butterflies in my stomach. I had a scary thought spinning through my mind that somehow my shirt would knock my glasses off while I was taking it off, and my glasses would go plummeting down the hill! I don’t think the eye insurance plan covers Disneyland-related incidents.

I put the thought behind me as our log climbed up the hill. Ahead of us was a pitch dark sky, and the Anaheim stars were nowhere to be seen over the layer of fog. As the log came to a halt at the top of the hill, I scrambled to take off my shirt.

Yanking it off, I clutched onto the seat for dear life, and the four of us plummeted downwards into the water below. ¬†From there, the four of us rode through the last scene of the ride, and saw a picture on a large over-head screen of me flashing the camera. It was official…I was a flasher. *Sighs*

Leaving the log, the four of us went to the exit room where yet another screens were plastered on the wall. On one screen there was a picture perfect photograph of the four of us making exotic faces. Laughing, I saw how soaked Ethan was, having been on the ride several times in the FRONT seat, he looked like he had just come from under the sea.

Soon after my family and I exited the empty park. I remembering turning around to wave goodbye to Disneyland like the park was an old friend. I knew that I would be back soon, and when I did, I knew that it would be time to make another memorable memory.

Costa B Pappas

Costa B Pappas

Costa B. Pappas is a teenage writer and photographer from Southern California. Having published his first novel, "Disney Pros: Unite" in 2015, he is currently working on the spin-off. When not writing he enjoys spending times with his friends and family at the beach and Disneyland. You can contact Costa through his email costabpappas@gmail.com.

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