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Im Amy (@MagicalDreams.x on Instgram(I post edits, you could check me out) I’m 14 and I live in the UK. I’ve been to DisneyWorld 4 times and I am going once again later this year. And I hope to go many more times in the future, including all the other Disney Parks.


But most of my memorable memories come from my last Florida trip wich was 2 years ago. I went with my Sister, my Brother, both my parents and my Nan and Granddad; which was great because they hadn’t been with us since 2006.


We spent two weeks there and did all the fun stuff.


I remember riding the Barnstorm with my Nan and watching as she half cried, half laughed because she was so scared and when we got off I laughed at her so much to the point where I was almost crying.


Or when me, my sister and my dad walked arm in arm through Epcot after watching the illuminatuons and talked about monerails and my dad made a joke about himself as a homelass man because of something that had happened earlier and I laughed at it for 10 minutes straight, stopped, then laughed again. Then we lost the car in the parking lot and couldn’t find it.


My favourite though is when we dragged the whole family onto Tower or Terror whilst we waited for our fast pass for Toy Story and it was the best thing ever. My sister hates the ride so she was screaing her head off and so was my dad. My Nan and Granddad made the weirdest faces, me and my mum looked normal (and by normal I mean we were enjoying the ride) and my 7 year old brother just sat there like he was watching t.v. NO EMOTION WHAT SO EVER! I don’t get how he wasn’t scared, I rode that thing at his age and I thought that I was going to die.


-Then again when I first rid it was back when they just had that huge bar that went across everyone on your row so everytime it went down I shot up into the air.-


The bottom line is it was the best thing ever.


(the people on the back row are us, im the one on the right in blue)

But I suppose that the reason the memories mean so much to me is that this holiday was the last time I saw my nan before she passed away. And my granddad before his dimensia almost fully took over; I’ll always have the good memories with them to take away. A great way to spend your final time with your family.


When going back next month I hope to keep all these mememories in mind so that I can make some new ones with my family and remember the good ones with my Grandparents.


Chloe Frazier

My name is Chloe, and I will be posting about anything that has to do with Disney World whether it is Reviews, Histories, Tips, and so much more! One thing my mom and I do is sell Disney crafts! Check us out on Etsy at FloofyArts! If you have any questions about planning your next Disney trip or about the blog, email me at disneyworldsounds@gmail.com. Have a magical day!

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