My top 5 most evil Disney Villains

Today on TheDisneyTeen I am sharing the top 5  most evil villains in my opinion!

Comment yours!


5. Ratcliffe

He was going to kill a whole tribe of Indians for gold they didn’t even have. Then controlled all the miners to mine for him! Gosh Ratcliffe just stop it.

4. Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke

Many people won’t think of him or know about him. He faked being a hero the whole entire movie, and then at the end was going to take the whole power system from the city of Atlantis. Honestly I have a hatred for him.

3. Hades

I mean he is technically the devil, right? Ruler of the underworld? Honestly, in my opinion Hades is the best villain just because he is so sassy and such!

2. Frollo

I don’t think they ever released how many Gypsies Claude Frollo had killed. He killed Quasi mom when she was trying to claim sanctuary, and was later going to kill Quasi! He also left some messages to Esmeralda that were horrible.

1.  Scar

I chose Scar as number 1 because he killed his brother and also wanted to kill Simba, could of killed the lioness because they had little food left, and even controlled the hyenas! This is why I have him as number 1!



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