Disney World Vacation – October 2015

Review Of My Disney Vacation: October 29th – November 4th!

I have decided to write a small diary entry after each day in the parks!

Thursday, October 29th:

After spending 10 hours in a Yukon with 2 medium sized dogs, mom, dad, brother and a full back seat filled with luggage was definitely the highlight of that hour! We signed the dogs into Best Friends around 10:00 AM and after an hour of play time, we headed to Port Orleans French Quarter!

Once we unpacked, we headed to Magic Kingdom to eat breakfast/lunch at Casey’s. Magic Kingdom was closing earlier because of the Halloween Party so we headed to Epcot for my first ever Food and Wine Festival! Even though the World Showcase was extremely packed we made it through and got to try different foods!

We ended the night around 8:00 PM because we were so tired!


Friday, October 30th:

Today we went to Animal Kingdom! Getting to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Flame Tree, made us happy since it was being refurbished the last time we went. We then headed to Expedition Everest and searched Mountain Everest for the yeti!

My dad, brother and I then headed to see the Tigers and we actually learned something interesting from the trainers, post on that soon!

As usual, you MUST ride Kilimanjaro Safari! The animals are very interesting and make awesome pictures!

At the end of the day we headed to Festival of the Lion King which again were surprised by the amazing talent the people put into the show!

Another early night? Whattt


Saturday, October 31st:

Since my brother is leaving tomorrow we decided to head to Epcot, since it is his favorite park! We spent the day mostly in the showcase trying out foods and watching pavilion entertainment.

We headed to the resort right before park closing.


Sunday, November 1st:

Today was Hollywood Studios! I was honestly shocked by what you can still do in the parks while most things are closed. We also were kind of sad since my brother wasn’t in the park, and I will admit it was really different not having him there.


Monday, November 2nd:

I wasn’t feeling well so we decided to stay the day in and then head to Downtown Disney during the night. Honestly. If you are ever in Downtown Disney you HAVE to stop by the Gharadelli place!


Tuesday, November 3rd:

Today we went to Magic Kingdom and kind of loafed around. I took some pictures of the Dream Along with Mickey and then rode some of the rides.


Wednesday, November 4th:

Today we went back to Hollywood Studios and watched the Frozen show and Beauty and the Beast! It wasn’t much but a loafing day! We then headed to Magic Kingdom and rode out last few rides and watched the Kiss Goodnight Show.


Writing this it seems like we didn’t do much but we did I just have short term memory loss. #Dory


What is your favorite things to do in the parks?




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