Disneyland School??!?!?!?


Hey, Disney Pros! It’s @C.osta (@DisneyPro) here!

Today I have no idea why, but I was having the total impulse to blog. Honestly, all day I basically scribbled down random blog post ideas that I had, and somewhere in the writing I thought of how cool it would be to go to school inside Disneyland… I know that there is the Disney College Program, but what if there was a real school inside Disneyland?

Imagine waking up and heading on Space Mountain before physics class, or going to history class on Tom Sawyer Island? I would actually look forward to going to school to be completely honest.

The more I thought about it — because what else would I think about in math class? — I began to think up ¬†random ideas for what the school would specialize in. It could specialize in training future Imagineers. As I thought about the concept, I began to reflect on Walt’s original plans to create a city inside of EPCOT, and I wondered if having The Happiest School on Earth was possible?

It hit me that it is impossible to have the “Happiest” school. After all, Disneyland is a land of fantasy and dreams. Most guests spend up to a week at a time there, never long enough to bring their stress or unhappiness into the land. Having deadlines for homework, potentially mean teachers, and all the other negative aspects of school could ruin the land of dreams and happiness which was why I personally came to the conclusion that I would not want to go to school literally inside of Disneyland if it meant potentially losing the happiness that Disney has brought me.

But I want to hear YOUR views! Comment in the comments below if you why you would or wouldn’t want go to a Disneyland school!


Costa B Pappas

Costa B Pappas

Costa B. Pappas is a teenage writer and photographer from Southern California. Having published his first novel, "Disney Pros: Unite" in 2015, he is currently working on the spin-off. When not writing he enjoys spending times with his friends and family at the beach and Disneyland. You can contact Costa through his email costabpappas@gmail.com.

One thought on “Disneyland School??!?!?!?

  • DisneyHead
    December 26, 2015 at 2:48 PM

    Oh my god that would be the best thing ever! Imagine lunch break!

    I wouldn’t actually mind getting up in the morning.


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